Christmas is around the corner!

Well, things have been busy in my home, to say the least. With birthdays, Christmas, and work projects, there hasn’t been much time for posting on Do that! If you’ve been busy this month and still need a few small gifts, I have a few ideas for you. If you can hoof it, I’ve included where to buy them. I think you will love these items for yourself too, so you can order online anytime.

1) I love the Aubrey Organics Sensitive Skin Regimen (Vegecol Formula) listed on my “Products I Use” page. You can purchase the travel set with sample sizes to give it a whirl, but the best thing is that it comes in a pretty little gift bag. A great stocking stuffer! I purchased mine at Whole Foods for about $10. If you’re looking for other skin types to try in the future, go to the Aubrey Organics site.

2) Speaking of travel size or sample size skin regimen…Give Kiss My Face a try. SuperTarget has the Kiss My Face Potent & Pure Facial Starter Kit in their organic/natural make-up section. In addition to the cleanser and moisturizer, the set comes with a great little face cloth, night cream and sunblock. Prices range from $8-14, depending on where you find it.

3) has gift cards! This site is so wonderful, with its promise to ship for FREE with a minimum of SIX items. Just 6! You can buy 6 tiny things or 6 large things. Another great home shopping resource for moms that want to keep their products shipped on a schedule.

Don’t Forget Delicious
4) Put together a meal. Purchase some fun colored pasta at World Market, add an Italian spice packet, and garnish with some goodies. Easy for you, easy for the cook! You can even include this recipe from “Don’t Forget Delicious!

Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!