Why is “Do that.2” the name of the blog?
A few years ago my husband and I had the pleasure of spending an entire summer “playing” with some good friends. It was before our first child was born so we had plenty of time to play golf, go driving, eat out, have wine tasting parties, play video games, watch movies, you name it! Whenever one of us felt like doing something, the rest of us would say, “do that!” It’s that simple. If you want to do something, you don’t have to think about why you’re NOT doing it – think about HOW you’re going to do that thing. 

My background is in fine art, graphic design and a bit of the corporate world. The original Do that blog gives family and friends a way to see how and why I do things at home. Do that.2 will give clients (and anyone else interested!) a look into how and why I design things.

By posting current and past work, I hope to exercise the part of my brain that needs to do push-ups!


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