No more ice packs!

Just saw this today so I have to share. I haven’t purchased one yet, but I definitely will!

This product is ingenious. If you’re a parent or caretaker of a small child you are familiar with ice packs, blue ice, reusable gel packs, and all means of keeping milk or food cold while out of the house.

The freezable lunchbag!

During our vacations has been especially difficult because I don’t want to have a bulky cooler on the plane, and I want to pack as much food as I can into the cooler bag so I only bring one ice pack. With this product it looks like I can pack as much food & drink as possible without having to make room for the big ice pack that lasts the longest.

More positives?
* Freeze a little drink container of tea in the bag, it’ll be nice and slushy for you by lunch time.
* You won’t forget the ice pack since the whole bag is the ice pack.
* Earth friendly solutions are having items that you can re-use, and help you remember to pack your own lunch, for a long period of time.
PackIt website