Music Underground

I haven’t posted much in the realm of music, which is so odd since I was raised in, by, and all around it. I’m reminded by this video that music is so important because of how a message can be told, who can hear it, and how it makes a person feel. Thanks, Miss J for sharing your gift (and to Tia & Linda for sharing on fb).

Boombox Series // Jessie J from on Vimeo.



Get OUT.
For real?
I’m scouring the internet for ideas on how to design our new office built in, and I run into this image of a piano-turned-desk. This might be the coolest workspace build-out I’ve EVER seen.

Read the whole story here at Lifehacker.

Eggciting Times!

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Now that the new year has begun, we’ve been sifting through our old toys, clothes and miscellaneous stuff…

Some ideas for your 2011 organizing? Give things to friends, families in need or charitable organizations when you can, recycle or simply “up-cycle” some goods.

ice dental

Do you have any board games that are old, missing pieces, or just need to be thrown out? We had one of those games that we tried but really didn’t like, so my husband decided to recycle the paper and cardboard and was left with an egg timer. He remembered reading somewhere that egg timers can help with brushing teeth for the recommended amount of time, so he suggested this to our four year-old.

WOW. She can’t brush her teeth without first declaring that she needs to use the timer. Then after brushing, she announces that she brushed her teeth with the timer. We couldn’t ask for a better motivating tool to help keep our kid’s hygiene up to snuff!