The ultimate "Do that." …Step right up.

Wow, so apparently blogging for me has taken a major back seat in life! I have had many plans, taken many photos, formulated posts in my head, jotted down notes… but nothing has surfaced because there has been a priority hanging about.

Yes, yes-yes. I’m educating my children at home. Well, more specifically, we are starting our second year of actual-real-life-bonafide-planned-purchased-created-morphed-yet-structured home school. Not only are we pursuing a classical method, but I have signed on as a tutor in our classical community tutorial.

The ultimate “Do that.”

I’m more excited than I am frightened, so that is definitely a good thing. Oh, I’ve taught before…home school enrichment fine art, tutorial fine art, 4th grade masters for a few weeks… all very short-term and only for 40-60 minutes at a time. This year, I’ll be tutoring a 2nd grade age class for close to three hours, drilling their grammar foundations in all subjects. FUN TIMES! This particular undertaking will broaden my horizons and boost my endurance as a teacher with my own children.

All that to say, I am completely immersed in Classical Conversations. If you’re thinking about a classical method, or perhaps just weighing out home school in general, please check out CC. I’ll do my best to keep you updated and post those “lost summer posts” periodically. There’s so much to tell you…

If you’re a CC tutor or parent, you can download my weekly tutoring plan. There is also an example of how I would use the sheet in context of Week 1 (Cycle 1).

  • Update: Here is another weekly tutoring plan sample. This one has been morphed according to what I’ve needed the first four weeks.