For Once In My Life

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a fan of PBS, Independent Lens, documentaries, and the like. It’s difficult to describe the “boring adult” phase of life that creeps up on you (well, in my case it was slow), when suddenly you realize that you prefer to watch public television instead of crime dramas, sitcoms or scandalous reality shows. I have been noticing a desire to be indulged by another culture… a need to be inspired by other people’s challenges… or simply LEARN something, gain knowledge, absorb history, fire up my brain cells with exciting facts… You get the picture.

Last night’s feature on Independent Lens was inspirational, to say the least. Again, we see music as a force stronger than we give it credit. The ability to play an instrument, or just be a part of a band, gives life meaning to these people – life we assume to be lower than the rest of us. We should never underestimate the power of a music program. After I saw this film I firmly declared it is yet another reason that music should be taught to all children, in all schools, of all mental and physical capacities. Amen.

For Once in My Life | Documentary on Spirit of Goodwill Band | Independent Lens | PBS


Music Underground

I haven’t posted much in the realm of music, which is so odd since I was raised in, by, and all around it. I’m reminded by this video that music is so important because of how a message can be told, who can hear it, and how it makes a person feel. Thanks, Miss J for sharing your gift (and to Tia & Linda for sharing on fb).

Boombox Series // Jessie J from on Vimeo.

Eggciting Times!

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Now that the new year has begun, we’ve been sifting through our old toys, clothes and miscellaneous stuff…

Some ideas for your 2011 organizing? Give things to friends, families in need or charitable organizations when you can, recycle or simply “up-cycle” some goods.

ice dental

Do you have any board games that are old, missing pieces, or just need to be thrown out? We had one of those games that we tried but really didn’t like, so my husband decided to recycle the paper and cardboard and was left with an egg timer. He remembered reading somewhere that egg timers can help with brushing teeth for the recommended amount of time, so he suggested this to our four year-old.

WOW. She can’t brush her teeth without first declaring that she needs to use the timer. Then after brushing, she announces that she brushed her teeth with the timer. We couldn’t ask for a better motivating tool to help keep our kid’s hygiene up to snuff!

Christmas is around the corner!

Well, things have been busy in my home, to say the least. With birthdays, Christmas, and work projects, there hasn’t been much time for posting on Do that! If you’ve been busy this month and still need a few small gifts, I have a few ideas for you. If you can hoof it, I’ve included where to buy them. I think you will love these items for yourself too, so you can order online anytime.

1) I love the Aubrey Organics Sensitive Skin Regimen (Vegecol Formula) listed on my “Products I Use” page. You can purchase the travel set with sample sizes to give it a whirl, but the best thing is that it comes in a pretty little gift bag. A great stocking stuffer! I purchased mine at Whole Foods for about $10. If you’re looking for other skin types to try in the future, go to the Aubrey Organics site.

2) Speaking of travel size or sample size skin regimen…Give Kiss My Face a try. SuperTarget has the Kiss My Face Potent & Pure Facial Starter Kit in their organic/natural make-up section. In addition to the cleanser and moisturizer, the set comes with a great little face cloth, night cream and sunblock. Prices range from $8-14, depending on where you find it.

3) has gift cards! This site is so wonderful, with its promise to ship for FREE with a minimum of SIX items. Just 6! You can buy 6 tiny things or 6 large things. Another great home shopping resource for moms that want to keep their products shipped on a schedule.

Don’t Forget Delicious
4) Put together a meal. Purchase some fun colored pasta at World Market, add an Italian spice packet, and garnish with some goodies. Easy for you, easy for the cook! You can even include this recipe from “Don’t Forget Delicious!

Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!

Holiday Gift Ideas: Online Finds

For the gardener in your family… 
They look like chocolate bon bons but they are made from compost and clay!


Moultonology Garden Bon Bons

Daily Grommet says, “Seed balls presented as chocolate truffles. Available in Italian herb selection or assorted tea selection. Place Garden Bon Bons on top of soil, water and watch them grow.”

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


For the typophile in your life…

A Helbotica t-shirt from Chop Shop that will melt a font-fanatic heart.

Comes in a rainbow of colors for men or women.

Chihuly at night

One of the nice things about living in the Nashville area is the “small town, yet big city feel.” We get to see musical talent and art exhibits without an overly crazy or impossible wait. Sometimes it’s so easy to access world class cultural experiences, I can hardly tell I’m not living on either coast. Well, that might be a bit over the top…

A prime example of this Mid-South small town benefit was the installment of Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Did I say easily accessible and not overly crazy? Well, that changed for us when we tried to have a dinner & art date night with some friends. The line of cars went down the block, around the bend and down another block…We had to try the following week, and a bit earlier in the evening. With better planning it was a success. Chihuly Nights at Cheekwood was so popular that the exhibit was extended a couple of weeks past its deadline!

The weather turned frigid on us but it was a surreal experience nonetheless. Not every piece or installation was cleverly lit, but each one was certainly unique and beautifully created. I did hear, however, that the exhibit was pretty spectacular during the daytime as well.

These photos were the best of the lot that I captured with my little digital doohickey. This post is so late because my doohickey decided to go all doodoo on me and not function properly. The last couple of posts have featured pictures taken with my phone (boo), and will continue as such until I save up moolah for another doodah (…doodah….).

I have been in awe of Chihuly since my first visit to the Bellagio Resort in Vegas. A-freakin-MAZING. There are also great documentary films of his installations that you can get at the library. It’s mesmerizing, really.

Before and After with Eddie

Behind the Scenes of The Nest

One of the things I love about design blogs is the opportunity to see a “before and after” scenario. Here is a room done by Eddie Ross ( using flea market finds on a shoestring budget. What’s new? Everyone has a tight budget when renovating an old room, but it certainly doesn’t have to look cheap! Eddie is a master… Behind the Scenes of The Nest

function as one with Clothes4Souls

Remember the online clothing company that I painted the table cover for? 
You know… We did the Tomato Arts Festival together?

Well, now function as one is partnering with Soles4Souls new clothing charity, Clothes4Souls.

Check out Soles4Souls blog about the great new charitable deal.

For every shirt that is purchased, one article of clothing will be provided to a child in need!

What do you think?

The other day, my brother-in-law sent me a link to this photo of Munkiana Devil Rays moving in a massive group. It has had me thinking about how the earth changes and some animals just know what to do instinctively… The photographer said that even the pilot of this aerial expedition had never seen anything like it in 20 years of surveying this area. What do you think? Rare occurrence? Or just never recorded by humans? Either way, it’s simply amazing.

CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year 2010